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Currently, Bevi Plastic has researched and has specialized in providing masterbatch and dry blend (pigments) and additives for high performance resins such as:


Others such as:


Where all manufacturing masterbaches are with the same vehicle for resins application, thus avoiding incompatibility among them.


Our products can be used in the following processes: extrusion (film, profile, plate), Injection, Blow, Rotational Molding and Multifilament. Completing our products line, we manufacture pearlescent colors, glittered, and we are also able to develop into other types of resins not mentioned above, colors free of heavy metals, according to customer’s request, always looking for innovations. We are launching the line of master ENVIRONMENTALLY CORRECT, where it is compatible with the following materials: PLA, PHB, PHBV, thus a BIODEGRADABLE masterbatch.